Friday, November 13, 2009

homeschooling, sex, and math

Last night, I chatted online with this friend of mine- a homeschool graduate--who is now teaching English in Japan for two years. I had lost touch with her and asked her where she was. She wrote "Japan", and I wrote "What time is it?" and she replied, "almost 12". I hesitated, and asked."You mean, as in Friday, as in tomorrow at noon??!!" And she said,"Yes." I know abstract thinking is not my strong suit, but I am sorry - I canNOT get my mind around that. I was talking to someone the FUTURE.
There are many things which I cannot fully grasp , but I know that they are true: God loves me and wants a personal relationship with me.That you can love your 2nd,3rd, and 4th born as much as you loved that firstborn.That two can become one.That I've spent the majority of the last 25 years homeschooling, and that I've still got (only!) 6 1/2 left.
The concepts in math are another thing. In my part-time grad school classes, we are learning about psych testing, and we recently took parts of achievement tests in class to understand their structure. As I was completing a math sub-test in front of class, I heard someone mention a certain curriculum, and I said (as any good hs'er would)"I LOVE Saxon math!"
I turned around to see a few of my friends with shocked faces : they wondered WHY I would just blurt out in class that I LOVED sex...and math :)!!
Anyway, after my explanation and much laughter, I finished my test and continued my learning that sometimes you just have to believe that some things are TRUE.

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  2. Hi Karen,
    I heard about you on a radio show on Family Talk 170, XM Radio. How can I get your book about homeschooling? Thanks for your help.