Saturday, February 6, 2010

homeschooling,Sonic, and running til you puke

On my treadmill this morning, I thought "Oh my GOSH--how many years have I been doing this--running from old age--and he gets closer everyday!" I remembered how back in high school track practice,Coach Mo would have us running laps after laps after laps until most of us were throwing up. That is a horrible memory-YET, he was preparing all of us to "go the distance". It was preparation - training--pushed to the limit--to bring about formidable results.
The next horrible memory of consistent, repeated bouts of throwing up was when I was almost 42 and pregnant with our fourth child. I kept down almost nothing except Route 44 cherry limeade from Sonic (isn't THAT a revolting thought!) for most of the first trimester. However, even though it may seem odd, I almost welcomed the nausea and dry heaves--because after 13 years, we were actually going to have another Costello!! It WAS preparation--for an amazing, long-prayed-for result.
In parenting and homeschooling, it is incumbent on us to recognize the MARATHON realities of the job we pursue. Some days in a cold, dreary February, with whiny kids, an impossibly messy house, and workbooks that are even putting ME to sleep, I feel almost nauseous. Thoughts of "How much longer is this going to take?" and "Can I not just REST?" seem to take up permanent residence in my head. But we have to FIGHT through the laziness--the boredom(YES,I SAID IT) of doing the same repetitive exercises that lead to concept mastery. We truly do have to step, back, look at the big picture--raising the next generation-- and keep going. Even if it sometimes makes us wanna throw up.