Wednesday, October 14, 2009

homeschooling ,chaos, and delayed gratification

So, there are very few homeschooling homes that would be featured in "Architectural Digest" magazine. First, our proudest possession is not our home, and most of us are a one-income family. In addition, we encourage discovery and creative exploration in our children everyday--in essence, we live in a learning laboratory.
Yesterday , after bookwork, Luke & I went to an orchard, bought a bushel of apples, and spent the rest of the day making apple butter. The kitchen was a WRECK!! But he learned how to use my handy-dandy apple peeler, how to make applesauce, and the fairly long process that turns it into rich, dark,heavenly-smelling apple butter. Through God's provision, much waiting, and messy effort, our whole family will enjoy our labor all year--and that is probably the most valuable lesson I taught all day.
Karen Costello — author of "Go Fly a Kite — Ten Surprising Strategies for Success in Your Homeschool". Karen is also available to speak at your HomeSchool conventions and other Homeschool functions . After 25 years of homeschooling, Karen has refined fun, successful teaching ideas which will work for you!

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