Sunday, August 30, 2009

My first blog post.

Thanks to my son in law and my friends for getting me on the internet.
This blog will be updated weekly I hope.
This was a hard start for me because I had to choose a blog title. As I looked at other blogs, I ruled out "Go Fly A Kite", because it seemed that the title needed to be who I WAS. "The Kite-Flying Mama" sounded a little too motorcyclish, and "The Canning Mama" sounded way too domestic--even though I do can and I do fly kites. I wanted "Your Mom Goes to College" or "Dynamite Homeschooler" because I LOVED Napoleon Dynamite--but that didn't seem to define what I wanted to write about. If I chose "Homeschool Diva" or worse,"Homeschool Queen", I would immediately make enemies and be stretching the truth. In the spirit of homeschoolers always comparing our children to others, I guess I could have chosen "My Kids are Better than" :) , but again, stretching the truth. So, because I believe that we homeschoolers are doing amazing things while balancing extraordinary loads, I decided to go with "The Plate Spinner". I have made many mistakes over my 25 years in the field, but thankfully, my children are not four of them. I have written a book entitled "Go Fly A Kite : Ten Surprising Strategies for Success in Your Homeschool", and I hope to share here some of what God has taught me over the years.


  1. Your book is wonderful and homeschool parents will be blessed when they read it!

  2. Again you have written a wonderful post and started a great blog. Love the title of both and will spread the word for people to check them out. I cm checking out the website now!! Have FUN!! Tonya B